In a place like NYC, where fashion moves as fast as the city, a girl has to learn quickly how to look like a million bucks on a little budget. Enter GIRLS OFF FIFTH. Our goal is to share with you, our readers and friends, our tips, tricks, obsessions, and style in a way that doesn’t leave you merely lusting, but armed with the knowledge (and shopping list!) to get the look you crave.


Janelle works in the fashion industry as brand manager for an emerging luxury brand. She moonlights as a styling assistant and model.

Jessica is an event planner extraordinaire, designing soirees for some of New York’s top architects and designers.




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  1. Janelle, I am so very proud and amazed at what you have accomplished. Love the blog and all of your tips. I even think I have spotted you on the telly a few times. Keep being the fabulous talented girl I know you to be.I’ll be as you say “stalking” you from time to time. wink.

    Jade D. (Holly)

  2. Modelchick


  3. I am so glad I found this blog! I’m 15 and hoping to be in the fashion industry in the future, and shopping is my passion!!
    Your blog is great! One that I will definitely keep checking :)

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