Tricky Trend: Peak-a-boo Midriff

First off, we said “peak-a-boo” not “bare”, that means a little skin is a do, but a belly button is don’t, at least in our book. We’ll be trying the trend for sure this spring (the full skirted combo with a light jacket is our fave) and have begun a morning sit up routine in preparation. Here’s a few ways to style these super cropped tops that we’ve spotted on the runways and approve!

With a knee length skirt…

LOVE this look.  The knee length skirt makes it a bit more conservative. With a basic black badeau and 3/4 length jacket, tre chic!

…with shorts & a jacket…

Great for the ladies with awesome legs! (and maybe a little muffin top, lol).  But seriously, we like the coverage that the jacket offers. Its a not so in your face day into evening look. Wear with cute flats or a chunky heel.

…for evening…

NOT for the faint of heart.  With a pencil skirt and killer heels…hey sexy.





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