What I’m Packing: Jessie’s European Vacay

Barcelona: Artsy

With all the museums and architecture I’ll be seeing in Barcelona I’m feeling an artsy style. I’ll be wearing silky separates and maxi dresses in colorful prints while I take in the city’s vibrant culture.
Top, Pants, Bag, Bracelet

Paris: Refined
In Paris, I want to channel full on Chloe, classic and refined. I’ve packed pieces in classic colors and gold accents and accessories to get the look.
Top, Skirt, Clutch, Belt

Cannes: Beachy
For my Cannes style I’m mixing sporty and luxe for a sexy, yet effortless beach bunny look.  I’ll be spending my stay there in crop tops and maxi skirts or striped bikinis in bright shades.  And can’t forget over-sized Sunnies!
Bathing Suit
, T-Shirt, Maxi, Sunnies

Also on the itinerary is Florence, where I’ll be donning nothing but stretchy pants due to all the pasta I will be consuming.  YUM! Can’t wait for vintage and thrift shopping at every stop! I’ll of course be sharing photos and finds when I get back from my two week adventure! And instagraming and tweeting along the way! Follow my journey!



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