europe photo diary

It’s been about a month since I’ve returned from my little European vacay but it’s taken me that long to acquire all of the photos from the various cameras, iPhones, and iPads on which all of the glorious memories were captured.  On the itinerary were Barcelona, Cannes, Florence, and Paris!  So here it is, my trip in photos.  Not conveyed by the photos – the extreme amount of croque monsieur and quiche consumed; the confusion that ensued  as we toggled between “si” and “oui” from Spanish, to French, to Italian, and back to French again; and the ratio of actual time spent site-seeing to vintage shopping (and flirting with waiters with accents, wink wink).  In short, IT WAS AMAZE!


Check out inspiration boards for what I packed on my trip here!

Click below for lots more trip pics…


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  1. Love your trip!! Europe is amazing!! Next time you should visit more cites in Spain!

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