go buy now: animal motif sweaters

Pins & Needles Polar Bear sweater, Bar III Leopard sweater, Topshop Bunny sweater, Warehouse Wolf sweater, Warehouse Horse sweater, Asos Swan sweater

Still trending for fall, animal motifs have popped up on sweaters everywhere. Channel your inner animal spirit or just choose the fuzziest option (sweater or animal) and add a pop of play to your wardrobe. Sophisticize–coining that one–your animal spirit with a touch of leather below. Your cutesy sweater might read bear cub, but your leather leggings will say foxy lady.

P.S. See Janelle rocking a tiger style here for more styling ideas.


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4 responses to “go buy now: animal motif sweaters

  1. Shola A.


  2. bunnymysweet

    Awesome! Love the bunnies!
    Come check out my kawaii giveaway!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  3. Love these. I actually have plans to do a feature on these for my nature section. I’m including the fox sweater from ASOS.

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