hey mickey





Pair an oversized sweatshirt with a body con skirt for an easy, sporty look that’s perfect for a sunny weekend afternoon.

Shop. SWEATSHIRT Vintage (try this) / SKIRT Club Monaco /  BAG Madewell / SHOES Zara / HAT similar





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3 responses to “hey mickey

  1. Tara Danielle

    I love you guys style and hair! I have short hair like Jessica and I was wondering what you do to get it to look so healthy and pretty. :)

  2. Very fun outfit! Brings back kiddie memories.

  3. Kymmie

    I think it’s always great to remember what ‘fun’ looks like. She looks comfortable in her own skin, while sporting Mickey. Who doesn’t love Mickey? I love the oldie sweatshirts with beloved cartoon characters that remind us that we’re still young at heart. I think the short, tight skirt is a perfect addition to the outfit. Add some cute, red, dangly earrings, and this outfit it HOT!

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