mellow yellow





This poncho is the result of taking cover in a vintage store from recent slush and snow flurries here in NYC.  I was wearing the yellow scarf when I purchased said poncho, and while ponchos are not usually my thing, it just went so perfectly together that I thought, why not?  While this poncho is a bit loud (even more so in person), I love its authentic, bohemian quality.  Try one of these vintage or new options for a similar statement, or raid your local vintage store and see what you discover…

Shop. PONCHO vintage (try this or this) / SCARF thrift store find (similar) / SHADES Nasty Gal / BAG Nasty Gal / BOOTS Luxury Rebel (similar)





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3 responses to “mellow yellow

  1. I love this poncho! The black and yellow combo is very chic.


  2. Loving this look! The yellow punches brightens up the photo and is beautiful!

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